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2014-92017-10, 巴黎第六大学, 材料物理与化学

2009-92012-7, 陕西师范大学, 材料学, 硕士

2005-102009-7, 西安理工大学, 材料化学, 学士










(1) Zhang Miao; Averseng Frédéric; Haque Francia; Borghetti Patrizia; Krafft Jean-Marc; Baptiste Benoît; Costentin Guylène*; Stankic Slavica*; Defect-related multicolour emissions in ZnO smoke: from violet, over green to yellow, Nanoscale, 2019, 11: 5102-5115.

(2) Zhang Miao; Averseng Frédéric; Krafft Jean-Marc; Borghetti Patrizia; Costentin Guylène*; Stankic Slavica*; Controlled formation of native defects in ultrapure ZnO for the assignment of green emissions to oxygen vacancies, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2020, 124: 12696−12704.

(3) Zhang Miao; Sun Hanli; Guo Yangyang; Wang Dong; Sun Dongfeng; Su Qingmei; Ding Shukai; Du Gaohui*; Xu Bingshe; Synthesis of oxygen vacancies implanted ultrathin WO3-x nanorods/reduced graphene oxide anode with outstanding Li-ion storage, Journal of Materials Science, 2021, 56: 7573-7586.

(4) Zhang Miao; Guo Shaohua; Zheng Lu; Zhang Gaini; Hao Zhenping; Kang Liping; Liu Zong-Huai*; Preparation of NiMn2O4 with large specific surface area from an epoxide-driven sol-gel process and its capacitance, Electrochimica Acta, 2013, 87: 546-553.

(5) Feng Huagui; Zhang Miao*; Kang Jinwei; Su Qingmei; Du Gaohui*; Xu Bingshe; Nitrogen and oxygen dual-doped porous carbon derived from natural ficus microcarpas as host for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries, Materials Research Bulletin, 2019, 113: 70-76.

(6) Huang Ping; Zhang Miao*; Kang Jinwei; Feng Huagui; Su Qingmei; Du Gaohui*; Yu Yuan; Xu Bingshe; Rapid microwave-irradiation synthesis of ZnCo2O4/ZnO nanocrystals/carbon nanotubes composite as anodes for high-performance lithium-ion battery, Journal of Materials Science, 2019, 54: 4154-4167.

(7) Chen Xioajuan; Du Gaohui*; Zhang Miao*; Kalam Abul; Su Qingmei; Ding Shukai; Xu Bingshe; Nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon derived from low-cost biomass pomegranate residues for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2019, 848: 113316-113322.


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